Snap-Recipe: How To Make Chicken Stew

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TGIF!! It's friday and it's definitely the day to go grocery shopping, stock up and cook for the coming week. Well, except you are the type that likes to cook as you go. I'm not, I prefer to cook, freeze and only boil rice or make a staple. Sharp sharp food.  Anyway, I hope this recipe gets you to kick start the cooking marathon or at least have stew ready to go in the fridge. I mean, you can have it with anything you like from bread to rice, pasta etc, it's a life saver and all rounder. Dedicating this recipe to someone that orders stew from me almost every week, Mr O.


4 Bell Peppers
4-5 Tomatoes
2 Onions (I love onions)
6 Scotch Bonnets (Extra Spicy is my second name. Adjust accordingly )
4 Tbsp Cooking Oil (I prefer palm oil)
3 Seasoning cubes or 1 and half knorr cubes
3/4 - 1tp salt
Prepared Chicken or Meat of choice
1 extra Onion (sliced/chopped)

My pepper ratio


  • Boil, fry or grill you meat/chicken. 
  • Blend the pepper till smooth. Pour into a pot and boil till it reduces in volume.  This helps to precook the pepper and makes the process of frying quicker. 
  • Chop the extra onion and heat up the oil in another pot. 
  • Add the onions to the hot oil and fry for less than a minute. 
  • Add the boiled pepper, stir and cover with a splash guard. (Don't cover with the pot lid. You are frying the stew and you need any extra water to evaporate)
  • Let it fry for about 10-15 minutes while stirring occasionally.
  • Add the salt and seasoning cubes. Adjust according to your preference (less salt, more salt etc)
  • Fry for another 3minutes and add the chicken.
  • Cover with the splash guard, reduce the heat and let the it cook for another 5mins.
  • Stew is ready now. Serve with anything you wish. Enjoy

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